Why Grassfed Matters

So what's the beef with grassfed anyways?

So before we get into the meat and bones of all of it, we must first understand what is out there to understand the difference between the conventional beef you get from a store vs. grass-fed beef.



These are your typical cows. Although their stomachs have been designed specifically to digest and metabolize grass, they're often fed grain and soy based diets to fatten up (called marbling) quickly. They're then given hormones to be able to be turned into beef quickly so farmers can make a quick profit and antibiotics to live through the unsanitary living conditions. 

Mona's Burgers are made with Non-Antibiotic100% grass-fed beef from cows only from Niman Ranch, never frozen, delivered every single day...


Niman Ranch's Cows are raised in the best and most humane settings. Calfs are allowed to graze with their mothers for longer periods of time until they reach a certain age. They're then transported and handled in the lowest-stress settings and fed a 100% high-quality vegetarian diet.

This means that these cows are not only less susceptible to infection, thereby lowering the risk of E. Coli, they're also higher in nutrition. Because these cows are munching on nutrient-rich grass all day, they're higher in beta carotene (Vitamin A), Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). 

We believe at Mona's, quality comes first in everything we do, in our food, our service, and the overall consistency of your dining experience.

You can learn more about how Niman Ranch Raises their cattle here